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At the start of this century – as a busy Location Scout with never-enough time for getting everything done that was expected of me – when digital cameras initially replaced 35mm film cameras I found that transition a curse as much "a blessing". After all, now I was the 1-hour-photo service responsible for 'printing' my images: post-processing then sizing my work for down-and-dirty, bare-bones web galleries my Director, Photographer and Advertising Agency colleagues expected overnight. Strike that. With the advent of ‘digital’ EVERYONE wanted to see pictures THE SAME DAY!

Photoshop and Bridge did the job but were a clunky pair to work with in tandem for all that needed to be done – especially organizing and managing the hundreds of images I was shooting on each project.

It was not until Adobe released its Lightroom application in 2007 that I really became excited about working with digital photography!

Lightroom is an intuitive, non-destructive image processor that dutifully organizes and keeps track of all my photographs, then provides a variety of means with which I can present my pictures to viewers online or in print. Lightroom does this all within a single application designed for creative Right-Brainers!

Everything here, Lightroom's features just make sense – especially if you are familiar with film photography's "wet darkroom" workflow.

This software is remarkable – and used to work flawlessly, almost seamlessly with its host application Photoshop as well as most ‘third party plugins’; not so much any longer.

Since the release of Lightroom 4 (in 2012) I have found more and more hiccups and glitches appearing on my own (Mac) workstation and with clients’ latest-greatest Mac’s and PC’s as well. What was once a veritable workflow love-fest has become the occasional migraine headache for me, a user of this application since its ‘official’ release in ’07, and many of my clients. I see it happening, experience these ‘gremlins’ all the time now.

So, as with the occasional “wall” every advanced Photoshop user runs up against while pushing pixels in that software, I have devised work-arounds for challenges I can “fix” and learned to simply take a deep breath, embracing the reality that no matter what level processor we have built into our computers, no matter how current our Operating System is or how much of the latest-generation memory (RAM) we pack into our computing devices technology IS NOT perfect.

There are Ghosts In The Machine. At times patience is the best way forward.

This is the Phoenix Lightroom Enterprise.

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