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When digital cameras replaced 35mm film cameras, as a busy Location Scout with never-enough time for getting everything done that was expected of me, I initially found the transition a curse as much as a blessing. After all, now I was the 1-hour-photo kiosk responsible for 'printing' my images – processing, then optimizing my work for down and dirty, bare-bones web galleries my Director, Photographer and Ad Agency colleagues expected overnight. Photoshop and Bridge did the job but…

It was not until Adobe released its Lightroom application in 2007 that I really became excited about working with digital photography.

Lightroom is a non-destructive image processor (truly a "digital darkroom") that dutifully organizes and keeps track of all my photographs then provides a variety of means with which I can present my pictures to viewers online or in print. And Lightroom does this all within a single, component application that has been intuitively designed for creative Right-Brainers!

This software is remarkable – so much so that I decided to refocus myself on producing my own artwork again and on building a curriculum for teaching others how best to use Lightroom in a sensible workflow for their increased productivity and creative output. This is the Phoenix Lightroom Enterprise.

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