6-week Lightroom Classes

The more time I spend talking with people about Lightroom the more I realize just how essential it is to focus on two things Lightroom handles best for photographers – image management and developing the photos that come from our digital cameras – period.

Based upon these conversations and my experience working with clients one-on-one I have come to understand that most popular published books on Lightroom primarily focus on celebrating all the bells and whistles Adobe has packed into this application with precious-little comprehensive discussion about how it all works together in a seamless workflow.

I have developed a curriculum for helping digital photographers understand how best to work with Lightroom's database, the Catalog and to provide a solid foundation for working with the most relevant features of its image processing workspace, the Develop module.

This 6-week program is manifest within the 100-page illustrated guide I authored for use in my program, Introduction to Adobe Photoshop Lightroom – The Basics, An Instructional Guide for Classes.

Here are several page examples.

the lightroom introductory class curriculum

I may eventually craft an additional intermediate/advanced class based upon three additional titles on Lightroom I am working on – a more comprehensive look at the Library and Catalog, the Develop module and all the methods for presentation of our images built into this remarkable application – but first things first. I'm amazed to find how many people still misunderstand the key, most essential basics of Lightroom no matter how many "boot camps" seem to roll through town.

You can either call me (602-225-3737) or write with any questions about the program and how to get started.
– Michael Maersch

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