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Lightroom's Dreaded Question Mark

Who doesn't hate seeing THIS when they open Lightroom?!

the dreaded lightroom question mark


Maximize your time spent in Lightroom and avoid complications by following some essential rules.


Once you import images and folders into Lightroom forget about changing these file names or folder names in the Finder, Explorer or within Adobe Bridge ever again. Lightroom won't know what you've done and will not recognize the new file or folder names!

- If you need to rename an image or series of photographs do that in Lightroom.

- If you need to make a new folder, move pictures into a different folder or even move one folder into another do this all in Lightroom. The application makes this all easy as can be – and by getting into the good habit of conducting all your 'housecleaning' in Lightroom you minimize the possibility of having to confront image frames or folders that are branded with a question mark, forcing you to fix the problem – slowing you down and making work that should be a pleasure seem more like a chore you just don't want to be bothered with.

Keep in mind though, if you see LOTS of these tags as you move through your images in the Grid, look to the left column here in the Library module. Inside the  'Folder' panel see all the folders and volumes (hard drives including external media) that are a part of your Catalog. Perhaps the images Lightroom can't see at the moment are in a volume that is offline, that isn't currently connected with the computer you are working on.

Next time: "But how do you know THAT?!"






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